CRPM Projects

Past and Present CRPM Projects

A range of planning services are provided by the CRPM to communities in the Ozarks. In addition to comprehensive planning, the CRPM has related experience with public opinion surveys, community visioning, transportation planning and parking studies, and preparation of land development regulations.

Comprehensive Planning

Since 1991, the CRPM has worked with the following communities to prepare comprehensive plans:

Nixa (1991 & 1996)
Hollister (1995)
Billings (1994)
Indian Point (1994)
Ozark (1993)
Christian County (1992)
Willard (1991 and 1998)
Clever (1998)
Duenweg (1998 -- Street Plan Only)
Taney County (current)

County Planning

Through its administration of the Southwest Missouri Advisory Council of Governments, the CRPM has already been tracking county development trends and demographics for the region. Examples of the CRPM's recent work with counties include:

Intermodal Transportation Study for Stone and Taney Counties and the City of Branson (1995)
Stone County Educational Forums on Planning and Zoning (1993)
Christian County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Codes (1992)
Christian County Overall Economic Development Plan (1992)
Webster County Overall Economic Development Plan (1992)
Greene County Outdoor Recreation Needs Assessment (1992)
Taney County Master Plan (1999)

Public Participation & Community Visioning Experience

The comprehensive plan projects and other related community development and planning projects carried out by the CRPM have involved a range of activities to promote public participation in the planning process. The CRPM has conducted several community opinion surveys, focus group sessions and other public forums to promote and achieve meaningful public participation in community needs assessments and visioning. Examples of projects which have involved community surveys include the comprehensive plan projects for Nixa, Ozark, Billings, and Willard, the Greene County Outdoor Recreation Needs Assessment project, the Parking Facility Feasibility Study conducted for Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and the Community Health Assessment for Stone and Taney Counties.

The CRPM has also worked with several communities to facilitate public participation in the plan development process through public forums and focus group sessions. Most recently, CRPM staff have worked with citizens focus groups in Reeds Spring on developing visions for the city's future and with the Springfield/Greene County Vision20/20 Regional Perspective focus group (comprehensive plan development process).

Zoning and Subdivision

The Center provides technical assistance in drafting land development codes (zoning and subdivision regulations). The Center also provides advisory assistance in the administration of zoning and subdivision regulations to member communities of the Southwest Missouri Advisory Council of Governments or those communities that have contracted with the Center in drafting land development regulations.

City of Fair Grove Zoning Ordinance (1996)
City of Billings Land Development Regulations (1994)
City of Reeds Spring Land Development Regulations (1997)
City of Duenweg Land Development Regulations (current)

Regional Planning

As administrative agent for the Southwest Missouri Advisory Council of Governments, the Center is also involved in Regional Planning. Current regional planning efforts include ongoing regional transportation planning in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Transportation, and economic development planning.

Health Needs Assessments

The CRPM has been working with the Community Health Assessment Resource Teams for various counties in Missouri. The CRPM has conducted surveys and analyzed demographic, socio-economic, and health information for each county's health department. Health Assessment projects include:

Barry County Community Health Assessment (1997)
Cedar County Community Health Assessment (1997)
Dade County Community Health Assessment (1997)
Dallas County Community Health Assessment (1997)
Laclede County Community Health Assessment (1997)
Lawrence County Community Health Assessment (1997)
Lincoln County Community Health Assessment (1997)
Pettis County Community Health Assessment (1998)
Community Health Assessment, Community Health Improvement Board for Stone County, Taney County, and the City of Branson (1997)