SW Missouri's Transportation Values

Values provide a framework from which to address transportation issues and conduct transportation planning in the southwest Missouri region.

Our transportation providers should:

Be accountable for public money, time and promises made to our citizens (Accountability).

  • Improve efficiency in public organizations providing transportation services.
  • Meet the goals and objectives of previous transportation plans.
  • Streamline the project development process, including planning, design and construction.
  • Minimize time delays during construction.
  • Consider the financial costs and benefits of transportation improvements.
  • Make provisions for funding any proposed transportation improvement.

Recognize the impact of transportation on the growth and development of our communities (Comprehensive Planning).

  • Consider the impact of the transportation on the growth and development of local communities.
  • Coordinate regional transportation planning with local comprehensive planning.
  • Recognize the connection between local land uses and transportation planning.
  • Identify the potential social, economic, aesthetic, and environmental impacts of transportation projects on southwest Missouri Communities.

Improve transportation connections within southwest Missouri, and between southwest Missouri, the state, and the nation (Connectivity).

  • Promote more efficient linkages between transportation modes.
  • Improve transportation connections within southwest Missouri, especially for isolated areas.
  • Provide better connections between southwest Missouri, the state, and the nation.
  • Encourage better connections for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

Encourage transportation projects that support the local economy and encourage economic growth (Economic Development).

  • Encourage transportation improvements that promote economic growth and new jobs.
  • Improve the transportation system in support of existing industries.
  • Increase access to employment for the transportation disadvantaged.
  • Enhance southwest Missouri's economic advantage through better regional, state, national, and international connections.
  • Provide efficient intermodal connections for passengers and freight to support the regional economy.

Reduce the harmful impacts of transportation on the environment (Environment).

  • Protect and enhance the natural environment.
  • Promote energy efficiency in the transportation system.
  • Create better visual experiences in transportation corridors.
  • Incorporate recycling in the construction process wherever appropriate.
  • Plan for future possible natural and man-made disasters.

Maintain our present and future transportation system (Maintenance).

  • Ensure that southwest Missouri's current transportation system will be maintained at its optimal level.
  • Provide for the long-term maintenance of new transportation projects during the planning phase.

Promote safer transportation for the region (Safety).

  • Promote a transportation system that reduces the number and severity of accidents.
  • Minimize the loss of health, life, and property.
  • Develop uniform design and operation standards among communities, states, and nations.
  • Increase the awareness of safety for other modes of transportation such as rail, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle.